Illinois Veterans Grant


How to apply

The student must provide a Member-4 copy of their DD-214  (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) for each period of service and complete the Illinois Veterans Grant (IVG) application. This  application is available from the Financial Aid Office at Prairie State College  or can be downloaded from The completed form and  appropriate supporting documents should be mailed by the student to: D-3A, IVG  Processing, Illinois Student Assistance Commission, 1755 Lake Cook Road,  Deerfield, IL, 60015-5209.         

What determine eligibility?

To be eligible, you must: Satisfy Illinois residency requirements by meeting the below qualifications as outlined either in #1, #2 and #3, or in #4:

  1. Currently reside in Illinois unless you are serving federal active-duty service at the time of enrollment in college or residing with a spouse in continued military service who is currently stationed outside of Illinois.
  2. were a resident of Illinois at the time of entering federal active-duty service or within six months prior to entering the service or were a student at an Illinois public 2- or 4-year college at the time of entering federal active-duty service.
  3. established, or if on federal active-duty service, plan to establish Illinois residency within six months after leaving federal active-duty service, or if married to a person in continued military service

  4. - apply for this grant within six months after and including the date the spouse was stationed within Illinois, or
    - if the spouse was stationed outside Illinois, established, or plan to establish, Illinois residency within six months after and including the date the spouse was separated.

    Note: You may be considered eligible for the IVG program by fulfilling #2 and #3 above; however, if you do not currently reside in Illinois (#1), you will not receive IVG benefits.)

  5. reside in Illinois at the time of application and at the time of receiving benefits for enrollment and, at some point after leaving federal active-duty service, have been a resident of Illinois for at least 15 consecutive years.

The student must have served in active military service for  at least one year unless discharged for medical reasons. All discharges must be  honorable. The student must be living in Illinois and attending an Illinois state-supported school. Students who have had at least one discharge but are  still on active duty can attend Illinois-based schools at out-of-state and  overseas locations. How are recipients  selected? The Illinois Student Assistance Commission reviews the  application and determines if the student is eligible. An award letter is  provided to the student, which must be submitted to the veterans affairs advisor at Prairie State College before the award will be posted to the student’s  account.

How is the amount of  the award determined?

The amount of the award is equal to the student’s charges  for tuition and registration fees. Lab fees and book fees are not covered by  the Illinois Veterans Grant and are the responsibility of the student. However,  students are encouraged to apply for other federal grants to meet these costs  by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with PSC  School Code (001640) as the school choice at         

How and when are the  funds paid out?

IVG recipients do not receive a cash award. Appropriate  charges based on the credit hours the student is enrolled in are billed to the  Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and the amount is credited to the  student’s account. The recipient is entitled to full payment of tuition and  certain fees to any state-supported Illinois institution of higher learning for  the equivalent of four calendar years of full-time enrollment including summer  terms.

Additional  information

This award can be used for both undergraduate and graduate  work. If the student also is eligible for the Illinois Student Assistance  Commission MAP Grant, the IVG award must be used first.