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Workforce Equity Initiative

Workforce Equity Initiative

Located at our Matteson Area Center, the PSC Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) is an educational grant program funded by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB).

The purpose of the WEI grant is to accelerate the time for 60% of African Americans enrolled to enter and succeed in postsecondary education/training that leads to employment in high skilled, high wage, and in-demand occupations. This includes a Pathway to Success Plan for each student that includes advising and wrap-around student support services that address the individual barriers to student success. Furthermore, we include a robust “Finish What You Started” recruitment effort targeting students that were close to degree completion but dropped out within the last two years. Overall, the WEI grant focuses on supporting students’ completion of accelerated certificates and pathway programs in high demand, high skill, and high wage industries.

WEI also offers students an optional 6-week college bridge program to enhance college-readiness by boosting competence in reading comprehension, writing and math. Completing participants receive a $250 stipend.

Application Eligibility and Contacts
To become eligible for this grant opportunity, applicants must complete the WEI grant application and Pathway to Success Contract and complete an interview with a member of our team.

Click on the Apply Now link above to receive and complete an electronic application. For more questions, please feel free to contact any member of our Workforce Equity Initiative team.

Denise Redick, M.A. Outreach Coordinator - dredick@prairiestate.edu (708) 586-7832

Brian Stanley, M.P.A., M.A. Support Services Coordinator - bstanley1@prairiestate.edu (708) 584-0755

LeLonna Goodson, M.Ed. Retention Advisor - lgoodson3@prairiestate.edu, (708) 607-2116

Daniel Geiter, Ed.D Manager of Grant Services - dgeiter@prairiestate.edu

Non-credit Courses
  • Auto Lube Technician
  • CDL
  • CMA (Clinical Medical Assistant)
  • Dialysis Technician
  • EKG/ Cardiovascular Technician
  • Forklift
  • Home Inspection
  • Medical Billing and Coding (3 classes)
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Real Estate (2 classes)
Credit Courses
(Must be completed by July 31, 2021)

  • Advanced Technician Firefighter
  • Basic Firefighter I
  • Basic Firefighter II
  • CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)
  • Dental Hygiene Assistant
  • Firefighter/ EMT Certification
  • Google IT
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)
  • Nursing (A.A.)
  • Surgical Technology

Summer-into-Fall Bridge Program

PSC is seeking African American/Black males, age 18 and older for the Summer-into-Fall Bridge Program under the Workforce Equity Initiative at Prairie State College.

The program aims to facilitate the development of individuals toward college readiness in three areas: (1) a general familiarity with how to navigate the college environment, (2) basic math competency, and (3) reading comprehension and writing.

This FREE six-week program involves a weekly online meeting with the entire class and a one-on-one meeting with the facilitator each week. The program begins Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Those who complete the program will receive a $250 stipend and be eligible for free tuition in a PSC spring certiifcate program.

Program Eligibility:

  • U.S. citizen who lives in the Prairie State College District.
  • African American/Black and age 18 or older
  • Low income, first-generation college student, or have a documented disability
  • Complete Workforce Equity Initiative (WEI) enrollment application and Pathway to Success form

To enroll or inquire, contact Dr. Elijah Ward at ewardiii@prairiestate.edu or call (708) 202-9318

Workforce Equity Initiative Participant Application

Pathway to Success Contract