The Student Success Center provides academic support to students enrolled in credit courses, including tutoring, an open computer lab, testing services, and a writing center. 

About the Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is equipped with highly qualified professionals, part-time faculty, and peer tutors who are dedicated to helping students reach their goals and avoid failure. From avoiding failure to achieving honors status, the center provides tailored support to meet students' needs and unlock their full potential.

Tutoring services are available for a wide range of subjects, including Spanish, math, writing, biology, chemistry, physics, and more. Through individualized and small-group tutoring, students can enhance their skills, stay motivated, and receive additional support that aligns with classroom instruction.

For English, reading comprehension, and all types of written assignments, the writing center is readily accessible. In addition to offering assistance with grammar, the center serves as a space for discussing ideas and receiving feedback, regardless of one's level of writing experience.

Students enrolled in credit courses at PSC are eligible to access the tutoring and writing services provided by the Student Success Center.

Available Student Success Center Resources