Join the Ranks: Learn, Protect, Serve.
The Prairie State College Criminal Justice Program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for successful careers in law enforcement, corrections, security, and related fields. Our program provides students with a solid foundation in criminal justice theory, ethics, and practical skills essential for success in the field.
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Proficiency Credit Opportunities

PSC acknowledges the expertise of active duty police officers and offers proficiency credit for many of our criminal justice classes based on prior experience and professional training. These opportunities allow experienced law enforcement professionals to leverage their practical knowledge and skills to accelerate their progress through the program, saving time and tuition

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About the Program

Whether you are eager to begin an exciting new career or seeking to advance within the field, PSC provides classes to support your goals. Offering an array of options including an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.), a Technical Certificate, or an Associate in Arts (A.A.) transfer degree leading to a Bachelor's Degree in criminal justice, PSC equips you to become part of a growing profession.