Prairie State College offers comprehensive business programs, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic corporate world. Elevate your career prospects by acquiring a degree or certificate from Prairie State College. 
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Whether you aspire to obtain a certificate in one of our specialized career programs, pursue a degree for seamless transfer to a four-year college or university, or enhance your business skills through individual classes, our business program offers a diverse range of educational opportunities to cater to your specific aspirations and requirements.
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Stand out in the competitive landscape with our comprehensive programs such as the Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) in Accounting and Business Management, the Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) in Management, or the Associate in Arts Degree (AA) in Business, which seamlessly transfers to a four-year college, enabling you to take your career further and faster.

Business Honor Society

We meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m. in room 2501. Prospective members are welcome to join us.

Visit Alpha Beta Gamma's website for more information.

AA Transfer Degree in Business

Fall - Year 1 Credit Hours Per Course Sprin - Year 1 Credit Hours
BUS 101* 3 Credit Hours BUS 131 4 Credit Hours
ECON 201 3 Credit Hours BUS 21O* 3 Credit Hours
ENG 101 3 Credit Hours COMM 101 3 Credit Hours
ITAPP 101 3 Credit Hours ECON 202 3 Credit Hours
MATH 157 4 Credit Hours ENG 202 3 Credit Hours
Total Credits 16  Credit Hours Total Credits 16 Credit Hours


FALL - Year 2 Credit Hours Per Course SPRING - Year 2 Credit Hours Per Course
BUS 132 3 Credit Hours BUS 251* 3 Credit Hours
BUS 240 3 Credit Hours Fine Arts 3 Credit Hours
BUS 241* 3 Credit Hours Humanities Fine Arts 3 Credit Hours
PHILO 202 3 Credit Hours Physcial Science 3 - 4 Credit Hours
LIFE SCIENCE 4 Credit Hours Non-ECON Social Science 3 Credit Hours
Total Credits 15-16 Credit Hours Total Credits 15 -16 Credit Hours


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