Welcome to Prairie State College's Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Department, where creativity meets critical thinking. Explore diverse disciplines, from psychology to music production, and unlock the power of knowledge.

Our dynamic programs foster curiosity and cultivate well-rounded individuals prepared to excel in a rapidly changing world.
Dean: Melissa Hebert-Johnson

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Anthropology students explore the cultural and social systems of diverse societies, gaining insights applicable to various fields.
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Art and Art History is where creativity meets culture. Explore diverse art movements, from ancient to contemporary, and discover the rich tapestry of human expression.
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Explore the fundamental principles of economic theory and their real-world applications.
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The English Department at Prairie State College aims to cultivate and enhance your written communication skills, acquired through academic, professional, and community experiences.
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History is more than just dates and facts – it is the exploration of the people, places, and events that have influenced our world.
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Discover the essence of humanity and uncover the meaning of existence by taking Humanities and Philosophy courses at PSC.
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At Prairie State College, we offer a variety of options to cater to your musical aspirations.
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Explore the dynamics of power, governance, and global affairs with our Political Science webpage.
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The Prairie State College psychology program offers a comprehensive range of courses designed to provide students with a scientific understanding of human behavior.
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Our sociology program offers a dynamic curriculum exploring diverse social structures, inequalities, and cultural phenomena.
African American Student
The African & African American Studies program at PSC offers a pathway for students to explore the rich histories, cultural traditions, and achievements of peoples rooted in African & African American experiences.
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The Honors Program at PSC fosters academic excellence through challenging coursework, research opportunities, and a supportive community of scholars.
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