Welcome to Prairie State College's psychology program, where we offer a comprehensive range of courses designed to provide students with a scientific understanding of human behavior.
Whether you are interested in gaining a broad overview of psychology or delving into specialized topics, our program has something for everyone.
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Our Courses

At Prairie State College, our psychology courses cover a wide spectrum of topics, from introductory surveys of basic principles to specialized examinations of areas such as physiology, sensation, perception, motivation, learning and memory, maturation and development, personality, individual differences, social behavior, human sexuality, and abnormal behavior and its therapies.
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Academic Preparation for Psychology Majors

For students aspiring to major in psychology, we strongly encourage the completion of foundational coursework in the sciences and mathematics, in addition to a core set of basic psychology courses. We recommend that students pursue the Associate in Arts degree before transferring to a four-year institution, as this provides a solid educational foundation for further studies in psychology.
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Transfer Program Benefits

Our psychology transfer program is designed to offer a broad general education background, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for the specialized coursework typically encountered in the final two years of a bachelor's degree program. By completing our transfer program, students will be well-prepared to excel in their future studies and careers in psychology.


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