Explore the fundamental principles of economic theory and their real-world applications. 
At Prairie State College, our economics courses delve into essential economic concepts and theories, providing students with a comprehension of the forces driving production and employment levels in the United States and globally. Additionally, our curriculum includes an in-depth analysis of the fundamental principles of money and banking, economic growth and development, and the dynamics shaping the world economy.
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The field of economics provides invaluable insights into the intricacies of domestic and global economies, offering a comprehensive understanding of fundamental economic principles, institutions, and structures.
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By studying economics, students gain a holistic perspective on the operation of economies, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to comprehend and analyze the complex forces that drive economic systems. Join us in exploring the captivating world of economics and unraveling the essential principles that shape the global landscape.
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For general information about economics courses offered in the Social Sciences Department, please contact the current Social Sciences Coordinator, Lalinda DeLaFuente, at (708) 709-3651 or ldelafuente@prairiestate.edu.
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