The African & African American Studies program at PSC offers a pathway for students to explore the rich histories, cultural traditions, and achievements of peoples rooted in African & African American experiences.
Welcome to the African & African American Studies program at PSC, where students can embark on a journey to explore the rich histories, cultural traditions, and achievements of peoples rooted in African and African American experiences. Our courses provide a critical understanding of this field of study, fitting within PSC's general education learning outcome of Cultural Understanding. They are offered in a variety of interrelated scholarly fields, emphasizing a global perspective to broaden students' worldview.
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Our curriculum is designed to build skills that enable students to thrive in diverse communities and workplaces, while fostering an appreciation for the values of diversity, equity, and sustainability. Students who wish to fulfill their general education requirements with a thematic focus can do so through our program. 
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We offer a wide range of general education courses in English, History, and Sociology, each designated with an Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) code, making them part of the IAI program.
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To learn more about the courses we offer and their descriptions, you can refer to the current Academic Catalog. Additionally, for information on when courses are scheduled, please consult the current course schedule in the Pioneer Portal.


About African and African American Studies

Join us in exploring the richness of African & African American Studies and gain valuable insights into diverse cultural experiences.

The African & African American Studies program hosts guest speakers and organizes cultural experiences to enhance understanding and appreciation of the field. These events benefit both program participants and the campus community, fostering exploration of cultural diversity. Past activities have included trips to events such as the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis in Chicago and visits to the Art Institute of Chicago to explore works by African & African American artists, including a special exhibition on the renowned artist Charles White. These experiences aim to expand upon classroom themes and provide valuable cultural enrichment.

African & African American Studies Graduation Cords

Celebrate your academic achievement with our African & African American Studies graduation cords. Upon completing a minimum of three courses (nine credit hours) with a C or better in African & African American Studies, you will receive these distinctive cords at our cording ceremony in late April/early May. The program's cords symbolize the personal dedication of scholars in this field and are to be worn as part of your academic regalia at Commencement.

Embodying the rich heritage of African & African American culture, the four colors of our graduation cords hold deep symbolism. Black represents communion with ancestral spirits and maturity, gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity, elegance, and high status, red signifies the shedding of blood, sacrifice, and struggle, and green embodies growth and renewal. These colors, inspired by Ghanaian and African American traditions, will be prominently featured in the Commencement Program alongside other graduation awards and honors.

Our graduation ceremony is inspired by the traditional "Donning of the Kente" ceremonies at four-year institutions, where students are honored with Ghanaian Kente cloth stoles for graduation. At our event, students will receive African & African American Studies graduation cords and can choose up to two mentors to join them on stage to don their cords, such as faculty members, advisors, staff, friends, or family.

Moreover, outstanding students in African & African American Studies will be eligible for the program’s annual Book Award. The recipient will be recognized at the spring cording ceremony, have their name listed on a plaque at the college, and be acknowledged in the Commencement program. To qualify, students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in African & African American Studies, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher overall, and must have filed a graduation petition for participation in the May Commencement. They must also be nominated by a full-time or adjunct faculty member and be voted on by all faculty teaching African & African American Studies courses at PSC.

African & African American Studies Book Award Recipients

  • 2022-2023 – Stacey Moss
  • 2021-2022 – Gillian Vinson
  • 2020-2021 – Nicollette A. Allen