Discover the essence of humanity and uncover the meaning of existence by taking Humanities and Philosophy courses at PSC.
At Prairie State College, our diverse range of courses in philosophy, ethics, mythology, art, and religion are specifically designed to facilitate this exploration. By delving into these subjects, students can gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.
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In the classroom

Our intimate class sizes foster an environment for open and dynamic discussions, allowing students to engage in meaningful dialogue while exploring profound questions about human nature.
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Our courses

Through these courses, students are encouraged to contemplate what it truly means to be human, to ponder the extent of our knowledge, our responsibilities to ourselves and others, and the aspirations we hold for the future.

In addition to nurturing a deeper understanding of life's fundamental questions, our courses also prioritize the development of essential skills such as close reading, clear writing, and critical thinking. These abilities are not only valuable across all academic disciplines but also lay the groundwork for success in a professional setting.

All our courses fulfill the general education requirements for Associate’s degrees at Prairie State College and are transferable to four-year colleges and universities under the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI). This ensures that the knowledge and insights gained from our courses can seamlessly integrate into students' broader educational journeys, empowering them to continue their pursuit of understanding and growth beyond our campus.

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