Explore the dynamics of power, governance, and global affairs
Delve into diverse political systems, international relations, and current events shaping the world. Gain insights into policy-making, democracy, and political theories. Join us to analyze the forces driving societies and nations in the 21st century."

Political Science is part of the department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. We invite all students interested in learning more about politics in the United States and around the globe to enroll in one or more political science courses.
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All political science courses satisfy the general education requirements of Prairie State College and transfer to four-year public institutions as part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative.
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Explore the World of Politics with Political Science at Prairie State College. Our political science courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of politics and its impact on society.
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Whether you are looking to fulfill your general education requirements or planning to transfer to a four-year public institution as part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, our courses are an excellent choice.

About Political Science

  • Our political science courses offer a deep dive into the world of politics, covering a wide range of topics and issues.
  • Fulfill your general education requirements while gaining valuable insights into the political landscape.
  • Transfer seamlessly to four-year public institutions as part of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, ensuring your educational journey continues without interruptions.


  • Explore our diverse range of political science courses and choose the ones that best suit your interests and academic goals.
  •  Gain a comprehensive understanding of political systems, policies, and global politics through engaging and thought-provoking coursework.

Enroll today and take the first step towards a deeper understanding of the political dynamics shaping our world.

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