Homeschool Students

Educational Opportunities

Homeschool students looking for a smooth transition to college life should look no further than Prairie State College. For decades, homeschooling families have chosen PSC as the next logical step after completing their homeschool education.

Spend Freshmen and Sophomore Year with Us

One option for homeschooled students who have completed high school is to spend the first two years of college at PSC completing general education requirements and lower division courses in their major before transferring to a four-year college or university. Taking classes at a community college provides a smooth transition to college life.

Take Classes with Us While Being Homeschooled

A second option for some advanced homeschooled students is taking college level classes while still being homeschooled. PSC offers those students a chance to take the equivalent of Advanced Placement (AP) classes while still being homeschooled. For those homeschooling parents who find it difficult to teach foreign language or laboratory science, for example, enrolling their advanced high school students is a good option. These students can enroll in classes such as Art, Biology, Communication, English (Composition and Literature), History, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, and Social Sciences.

Honors Program

A creative learning environment, small class sizes and preferred class registration are just a few of the advantages PSC’s Honors Program. The Honors Program offers students a creative learning environment. The limited class size ensures more individualized attention for Honors Program students from professors. Honors classes offer a different learning experience by stressing depth of coverage, discussion over lecture and projects or creative work over test taking. Typically Honors program students describe their experience in the program as overwhelmingly positive. An additional benefit for students in the Honors program is the ability to take Honors program courses to meet the college’s general education requirements.

Contact Us

For questions about opportunities for homeschooling families contact the First Year Experience office at (708) 709-3639 or email